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Not too long ago my mother in law was dying. My father in law called around for places that would accept payments. Shaffer Funeral Home said they would.

My mother in law. Shaffer came to the nursing home and picked her up. That was on Sunday.

My father in law and husband went there first thing Monday morning only to be told (politely, by Gayle) that they would not accept payment and they would not cremate mother in law until payment was made in full. My husband went to our church who agreed to pay the cost for us. When my church notified Shaffer that they would be paying, Shaffer wanted to pick the check up. My church told them that they would give us (my husband and I) the check as it was considered a gift to us. The check would be made out to Shaffer, of course. Gayle insinuated that we would not give it to them and basically tried to steamroll the church rep.

So I call Gayle and demand an explanation. And she defended herself. So we made arrangements for Shaffer to meet us at the church on Wednesday, and they would bring mom in laws remains. Also they were to help us with arrangements and provide a guest sign in book.

Wednesday came and we all met at the church. First off, my husband asked for a receipt so that he could give it to his dad. The runner, Dorothy, tapped my mom in laws box (no, it was not an urn or even the wooden box they showed my fil and husband) and says this is your receipt. She got angry over the fact we asked for a receipt and then demanded to see my husbands license "just to make sure he was who he said he was".

All they handled was the cremation and death certificates. They did not handle the arrangements and they did not supply sign in book or anything else for that matter.

I am very displeased and want everyone to know that they do not do what they say and they will lie to you, right up until they get your loved ones body.

Review about: Cremation.



While I am sure that they did a good job for you, you did say the keyword "insurance". They did ask about insurance and unfortunately, there was none to be had. In our case, it was about money, very simply put, there was none coming.


First of all I would like to say I'm so sorry for your loss.I'm really sorry that your experiance with Shaffer Funeral Home and Gail was not a good one.

But I must say that when Gail and her staff handled my sister Davene's services, they couldn't have been any nicer and professional. Although she wasn't cremated they did a super job and Gail did all that she could to accomadate our family and friends. I just can't see them acting that way. They never dunned us for money we let them know that insurance was forth coming and my sisters husband and Gail were in agreement.

I would recommend them to anybody that ask about their bussiness.:)

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